Wednesday, February 15, 2006


· When little people try to drive you down, THINK BIG.
· When that “I-Haven’t-Got-What-It-Takes” Feeling crops up on you, THINK BIG.
· When an Argument or Quarrel seems inevitable, THINK BIG.
· When you feel Defeated, THINK BIG.
· When romance starts to slip, THINK BIG.
· When you feel your progress on the job/business is slowing down, THINK BIG.

- David Schwartz

Why should we thing big? Well, if we have to think anyway, why not think big. I have fell into the trap of thinking small because I was "rational", "realistic" etc. Most of the time rationalism is the foundation of mediocrity. May be one would want rationalize the past (I don't think it would matter because, past is gone. There is nothing you could do about it.) But rationalizing the future can be a BIG MISTAKE. Most people trap themselves and their future in a cloud of rationalism. On the other hand, realistic thinking is necessary to be successful. How can one know if realistic thinking is good or not? Well, if the so called "realistic" thinking is limiting one's abilities then that is not the time to be realistic. Realistic thinking can be very helpful while setting goals. One needs to set realistic goals. Goals that might stretch your abilities and yet are achievable. When "life" hands us a platter of obstacles, when we are in the process of achieving goals, that is the time to THINK BIG. I have lost count of the number of times that I had to stop myself from thinking small (mediocre) and start thinking big. Just a couple of days ago, when I did not reach the goals that I had set for myself, I started to think that maybe I am not capable. I started to put myself and my abilities down. But fortunately, I was able to catch the downward spiral and climb out of it and start thinking big again. I am convinced beyond doubt that, on the long run, THINKING BIG will help me and the people around me.

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PS: I would recommend a book called "THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG" by David Schwartz. I can promise that you won't regret reading and learning from it!

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