Monday, October 02, 2006

Dangerous People

Some of the most dangerous people are not the ones
Who hit you with clubs, or rob you with guns
They won’t be the enemies who attack your character traits
Or try to belittle your abilities right in your face
No, the most dangerous people are small-minded friends
Whose negative talk crush your self-image and your desire to win
They do not threaten your life at the point of a gun
Rather they steal your dreams by saying that it just cannot be done
When pointing to others doing what you dream you can do
They say, “you can’t do it, it won’t happen for you”
It does not matter that their words are untrue
You listen anyway, thinking they know you better than you
So you are robbed of your dreams and your hopes to succeed
Robbed of the blessing that you could have received
Robbed of your faith that says that “You Can!”
Robbed by an ignorant, small-minded friend
So the most dangerous ones
Are not the ones with the clubs or the guns
But the ones who keep telling you that it cannot be done
For that which is stolen by a burglar can be gotten again
But who can replace your dream and your desire to win.