Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Extra Mile Story - 2

Many years ago Charles M Schwab's private railroad car was switched onto the siding at his steel plant in Pennsylvania. It was a cold, frosty morning. As he alighted from the car he was met by a young man with a stenographer's notebook in his hands who hurriedly explained that he was a stenographer in the general office of the steel plant, and that he had come down to meet the car to see if Mr.Schwab needed any letters written, or any telegrams sent."Who asked you to meet me?" Mr.Schwab queried. "No one," the young man replied. "I saw the telegram coming through announcing your arrival, so I came down to meet you, hoping I might be of some service."
Think of that! He came down hoping he might be able to find something to do for which he was not paid. And he came on his own initiative without being told.Mr.Schwab thanked him politely for his thoughtfulness, but said he had no need for a stenographer at the moment. After carefully noting the young man's name, he sent the lad back to his work.
That night, when the private car was hitched to the night train for its return to New York City it carried the young stenographer. He had been assigned, at Mr.Schwab's request, for service in New York as one of the steel magnate's assistants. The lad's name was Williams. He remained in Mr.Schwab's services for several years, during which opportunity after opportunity for promotion came to him unsolicited.
It is peculiar how opportunities have a way of trailing the people who make it their business to go the extra mile, but they do very definitely. Finally an opportunity came to young Williams which he could not ignore. He was made president and a large stockholder in one of the largest drug concerns in the U.S - a job which yielded him a fortune greater than his needs.
-Napolean Hill (Master Key to Riches)
All of us have heard that "there is a pot of gold at the end of rainbow". It is true!. But most people do not find it because, the end of rainbow is always at the extra mile. Many people don't even bother to go look for it. There is MAGIC in going the extra mile. When we do more than what we are expected to, we stand out of the crowd! We become double valuable because, one: no one else goes the extra mile, two: we become irreplacable. Folks, like Napolean Hill puts it, going the extra mile is not a pipe dream! It is as real as daylight. Unfortunately, the only way to test its validity is by trying it. When we try it with good attitude we will see our life changing for the better!
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shruti said...

hey good post and nice thoughts ..the extra mile as u put in definitely helps but it should be like second nature to a person and one shouldnt artificially tey to imbibe it hence it should be inculcated right from childhood as a way of life and this doesnt only work in one aspect but all aspects of life. You give love to someone more than expected and u get so much more back too.

shruti said...
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therearview said...

Its a nice inspirational post. Probably this is what our ancestors have always mentioned as "When you do some help, never expect what the benefit would be out of it." This story also shows the responsible nature one should possess, one shouldn't be ordered to do something, rather one must know what is/her responsibility is.